Jemma Avantgarde Iron station with aluminum boiler 1L

Codice prodotto: A-7JA
Availability: product available

Aluminum boiler 1L  - Professional iron station with boiler ideal for families of 3/4 people. It offers high performance and ease of use. It has a (pressurized) aluminum boiler with ANTI-CORROSION treatment and 1L capacity. Thanks to its pressure switch, it has a powerful and constant steam flow. The dry resistance is mounted outside the boiler, that is to say it never comes into contact with water, so it considerably reduces the formation of lime scale, and ensures a longer life span.




Technical features

Jemma Avantgarde model
Aluminium boiler
Dry resistance outside the boiler
Tap water
Polished stainless steel body
Illuminated boiler switch
Illuminated iron switch
Steam ready indicator light
Water tank empty indicator light
Pressure switch
Steam pressure gauge
Steam adjustment
Cap with safety valve
Removable iron rest mat
Non-sleep rubber feet
Fast warm-up time
Additional safety thermostat
TV noise filter
High performance iron/boiler cable
Cable holding rod
Filler funnel
Carrying handle
Power supply
220/240 V - 50/60 Hz
Iron power
850 W
Boiler power
1250 W
Total power
2100 W
180 mm
260 mm
340 mm
4,5 Kg
Boiler capacity
1 lt