Ironing board cover

Codice prodotto: A-TM5
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The ironing board COVER plays an important role in proper ironing. The ironing board COVER must have a good quality fabric and a thick pad to allow an adequate transpiration and at the same time create a soft and compact surface. MICHELINI covers have a cotton fabric with 500g padding and are equipped with tensioning mechanism for easy and secure fastening. 


Technical characteristics

A-TM Ironing board cover
Professional ironing board cover with molleton, 500g, available in 3 models
Dimensions 122 x 40 cm A-TM5 (For ironing board A-TSE)
Dimensions 120 x 45 cm A-TM6 (For ironing board A-TTS)
Dimensions 120 x 45 cm A-TM7 (For ironing board A-TTA)