Vacuum heated and blowing ironing board

Codice prodotto: A-AAP
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The ironing board is equipped with a fan with both SUCTION and BLOWING functions to greatly facilitate the ironing. The suction function is activated when the appropriate pedal is pressed and the ironing board is kept heated, so the ironed garment dries easily without any creases, due to the absence of humidity. The solid structure makes the support stable and allows you to iron with more pressure on garments. The perforated metal ironing board has been treated with anti rust and allows the dispersion of surplus steam in order to prevent the accumulation of condensation. Moreover, the suction facilitates the relaxation of the fibres on the board, allowing the complete elimination of excessive steam. The hairdryer effect is created by the blowing function for a more complete drying. The adjustable height allows also ironing while sitting down. It is supplied in chrome finish.


Technical features

Vacuum heated and blowing ironing board A-AAP
Heated board  •
Automatic temperature  •
Adjustable temperature  
Suction system  •
Blowing system  •
Illuminated main switch  •
Boiler power plug  •
Adjustable height
73-100 Cm
Ironing board with anti-rust treatment
Wheels for movement
Metal chromed structure
White plastic-coated steel structure
Linen rack underneath
Foldable iron rest
Ironing board cover with molleton, 500g
Folding sleeve ironing board
Size of ironing surface
122 X 45 cm
Size of iron rest
29 X 47 cm
Folded size (LxWxH)
136 X 45 X 27 cm
18 Kg
Power supply
220/240 V - 50 Hz
Motor power consumption 50 W
Resistance power consumption 400 W

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